Billy & Alan

Myself Billy Mcgregor and Alan Wearmouth first met as 7 year olds at junior school in Bedlington Northumberland. We went all through our school years together even both of us playing football for the school team at every school we attended. After leaving school we remained the best of friends. Eventually persuing musical careers both together and separately.

Although we were still performing in 2004 things changed for us. We went into a joint venture and very successfully promoted the international superstar Petula Clark. Again after that tour it was back to performing up until April 2010. This is when our lives were really about to change. This time it was for keeps.

The Sensational 60’s Experience Show was born in May 2008, the line up back then was, The Tremeloes, The Merseybeats and The Dreamers. Seven shows in one month was all we set out to do until other venues got wind of it. Another eleven dates quickly became available in the November of the same year with one change to the line up, The Marmalade replacing The Merseybeats, that’s when things became interesting. All eleven of the November venues requested the show to return with the same line up plus another nine venues on top of that giving us a twenty date tour for Autumn 2009, very popular this 60’s music we thought.

Before the tour got started in 2010 venues were requesting the show for 2011 and into 2012. With bigger theatres wanting the show we decided to make the line up bigger adding a forth band. That has continued to be the case, with four acts you are guaranteed twenty five minutes minimum for each act.

Now with 52 dates for autumn 2013- spring 2014 the tours were to get longer but in a respectful way easier to promote. In the respect that these guys from the 60’s era are the most professional we have worked with. Newspaper interviews, radio interviews, now and again television interviews are never a problem. If you ask them if they can be in a certain place for a certain time, job done.

The Sensational 60’s for autumn 2014- spring 2015 (62 shows) and autumn2015- spring 2016 (63 shows) with autumn 2015- spring 2016 (63 shows). Autumn 2016- spring 2017 took on 65 dates again in 3 months and again the line up changes with each tour. It was now becoming common practice to put our show on sale for the following tour on the night of the actual show. Present day autumn 2017- spring 2018 (66 shows)

On behalf of us both and the cast of The Sensational 60’s Experience, thank you for your continued support and for keeping 60’s music alive.

Best wishes,

Billy & Alan